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name given to the adherents of an antinomian movement in England about the time of the Commonwealth and Protectorate (1649–59). Its principal teaching was pantheistic, that God is present in nature. The Ranters appealed to the inner experience of Jesus and denied the authority of Scripture. They were accused of fostering immorality and were legislated against by Parliament and vigorously suppressed. They were often confused with the Quakers. In the 19th cent. the Primitive Methodists were sometimes called Ranters.
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Barry Baum, speaking on behalf of Forest City Ranter, dismissed her charge, noting that the company made a concerted effort to introduce itself to the community, consider its input and make sure the Atlantic Yards project created benefits for area residents.
The digressive gesture of condemnation flashes up in Dryden's work and powerfully illuminates a wider rhetorical landscape of castigation that should inform our reading of both The Widdow Ranter and much of the colonial literature of the Restoration and early eighteenth century.
Top support on both nights comes from gravel voiced ranter Dave Hadingham and Matt Reed is MC for both nights.
Referring to Sheen as a "drug-addled, porn star-squiring, near-Joycean Internet ranter," Baldwin asked Sheen to reconcile with the execs he offended in order to rescue his flailing career.
This is a very impressionistic history but also one that brings the city, whether it be that of the Iron Age Votadini, the ranter Knox or the novelist Muriel Spark to life.
Look, I'm not one who buys the fact you need to be a ranter and a raver on the touchline.
You can't just start being a ranter and raver if you don't have it in you.
Alan doesn't come across as a hard man, a ranter, and he's not.
What about the punishing rape by sword and by fiery consumption of the courtly puttana in the late Ranter tract Divine Fireworks (1656)?
Rockefeller did that Bill Gates hasn't done is use dynamite against his competitors," Government lawyers sniffed that this crusader "needs help," However, as Heilemann notes, "History might well have judged Reback a marginal figure, just another Gates-hating ranter, were it not for one inconvenient fact: Almost everything he claimed turned out to be true.