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The Deuce is the double-reed model that produces the sounds of a raspy boss hen without ever sticking or squealing.
Also from Knight & Hale, the Peacemaker is a Standard Performance (02) triple reed diaphragm call designed by Rod Pettit with a midrange raspy sound.
They're full of horrible images, like people speaking in a raspy voice and smoking through a hole in their throat.
All flashed her his famous winsome smile and pronounced in his famous raspy voice: "Superman don't need no seatbelt.
Her raw, raspy vocals were pitch perfect and Drastic Fantastic should be huge.
When asked about the difficulties of creating the high and raspy voice used to play the former boxing champ, he simply replied, "That was easy, man.
On the 10 tracks, Anderson's rich and raspy alto vocals are complemented by smooth productions from Dr.
His deep, raspy delivery conjures up a man in the final years of a full and eventful life; and the first-person narrative makes the history up-close and personal.
The booming voice that has ruled the football sidelines at Canoga Park High School for 38 years is now raspy and weak.
It's heavy and dark in places, reminiscent of his old band Skin Yard, but also straight ahead, guitars up front, blasting, and his vocals sound kind of hoarse and raspy like Lemmy.
I told him that some day we'd be working together," Procida, who founded Palisades Financial 10 years ago, says in a voice made raspy by cigars and hollering across the firm's office about the relative value of a deal or a piece of collateral.
With a strong bass note and a real raspy finish built in, each yelp, cluck, and cutt you make with the Boss Hogg sounds like it came from the oldest hen in the woods.