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name for several snakes, not all closely related, that are black in color. In the United States the name is applied chiefly to the black racer and to the black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta), both partly arboreal in their habits.
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Rat Snake


(Spilotes pullatus), a snake of the family Colubridae. Length, up to 3.6 m. It has bright yellow transverse stripes on a dark blue background. Distributed from southern Mexico through Central and South America to Argentina, the rat snake inhabits humid forests, thickets, mangrove thickets, and marshes. It can swim and climb trees. It feeds on reptiles, small mammals, and birds; it often crawls into settlements and attacks baby chicks, hence its other common name, chicken snake.

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On 14 August 2011, we observed a Mexican Jay holding a dead juvenile Baird's Rat Snake (Pantherophis bairdi) in its bill (Fig.
The most common snakes encountered in the central part of the state are black racers, ribbon snakes, yellow rat snakes, banded water snakes, red rat snakes, pigmy rattlers, and an occasional indigo.
We captured 17 black rat snakes within nest boxes or near natural nests of golden mice.
CUTLINE: Children get a close look at a red rat snake, also known as a corn snake, during a Snakes Alive program at Mayo School in Holden.
The orders for snakebites were coming in next day." Brian called the SSPCA to come and deal with the Everglades rat snake, who's been christened Sid.
What we had was a juvenile black rat snake, Elaphes obsoleta.
Tons of spiders (large and small), toads, a rat snake and usually a box turtle or two all take up residence under the mulch.
Mr Khamis later confirmed it was a harmless rat snake, which are common across Bahrain.
I showed them a trinket snake, vine snake, sand boa, wolf snake, cat snake, rat snake ...
The foraging ecology of the gray rat snake (Elophe obsolete spiloides)--visual stimuli facilitate location of arboreal prey.
The corn snake, or red rat snake, is a North American species that subdue their small prey with constriction.