ratchet screwdriver

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spiral ratchet screwdriver

A screwdriver having a blade that rotates with respect to the handle, as the handle is pushed inward toward the blade; permits a screw to be driven easily and with speed.
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CAN be used as a normal ratchet screwdriver or you can reach right into the corner with the off-line function in use.
A Stanley 34-piece set will have a range of options, like ratchet screwdrivers or micro-screwdrivers - really useful if you've got a hinge issue in your glasses."
Screw extractors, torque drivers, ratchet screwdrivers and other related products can also be found in the store.
One of the extra pages in the 1952 catalog highlights store displays; the other features Yankee Handyman spiral ratchet screwdrivers. Otherwise, there was a lot of overlap in the two catalogs.
The company's product portfolio includes screwdriver bits, insert bits, ACR bits, ratchet screwdrivers, bit holders, drill bits, adaptors, magnetic nut setters, drills, stainless bits, power screwdriver bits, multi-function compact tool boxes and screwdriver bit kits, which, with excellent quality and functionality at competitive prices, have been well-received worldwide as watercraft tools, auto repair tools and higher-end tools for industrial use.
These high-torque ratchet screwdrivers come with interchangeable blades.