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In a normal tissue consisting of small compartments of cells, a TSG is eliminated by two rate-limiting hits.
These are the main rate-limiting factors in mechanical drilling.
The suite offers policy-based bandwidth policing and rate-limiting for optimising critical applications performance, with packet-signature based firewall for classifying, isolating and blocking encrypted and proprietary applications.
"ProteOptics's unique approach to protein-protein interactions coupled with our suite of protein discovery tools will allow us to continue to close the gap in the rate-limiting steps associated with the understanding of protein interactions and pathways--bridging the gap between protein discovery and protein function," said Bio-Rad Vice President of Life Sciences Brad Crutchfield.
Glycogen synthase kinase (GSK3) regulates glycogen synthase, the rate-limiting enzyme in glycogen synthesis.
The new subscriber interface rate-limiting feature enables broadband providers to specify a maximum rate of both upstream and downstream traffic flows on DSL lines so as to enforce Traffic Contracts and Service Level Agreements.
"This lack of screens and assays is the rate-limiting factor that is slowing down the removal of endocrine disruptors from the environment," Colborn says.
As the pharmaceutical industry comes under increasing pressure to develop drugs faster and more efficiently, one of the crucial rate-limiting steps is the conversion of HTS 'hits' into lead compounds for preclinical evaluation.
In alcohol distillation and brewing, for example, a rate-limiting factor is the uniform germination of grains and the rate of water uptake.
The rate-limiting step in alcohol metabolism is controlled by alcohol dehydrogenase.
At the speed of a 9,600 baud (bits per second) modem, which is the rate-limiting step for most wide-area networks sending data to physicians' offices, the results of a serum potassium measurement will cross over the network in less than 0.0042 seconds.
If hepatic ADH activity is reduced, for example by protein deficiency, it may become the main rate-limiting step[1].

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