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Don't you see, Chris, that there is rationality in the very doubt?
Which would turn out to have the more foresight in it--her rationality or Caleb's ardent generosity?
The two inquiries--using rationality to include ends or using rationality to exclude them--might seem like logical complements, but they are not because of the low standard that mere rationality requires.
(1) Crucial to Smith's work is a distinction between two kinds of rationality: constructivist and ecological.
Under the Administrative Procedure Act, courts review and set aside agency action that is "arbitrary [and] capricious." In a common formulation of rationality review, courts must either take a "hard look" at the rationality of agency decisionmaking, or at least ensure that agencies themselves have taken a hard look.
The gap is a phenomenon affecting the rationality of following rules.
If phrases such as "goal refactoring" and "urge propagation" mean nothing to you, perhaps it's time to shell out Au2,700 on a four-day workshop to learn the self-improvement philosophy sweeping Silicon Valley: applied rationality.
Permissive Rationality and Sensitivity, BENJAMIN ANDERS LEVINSTEIN
These are part of the irregularities that were noted by the Center for Civil Communications in their newest report on the index of rationality. The biggest difference in prices was observed in procurement of electronic time and attendance log system, where the highest price is over 270 percent higher than the lowest price, whilst the smallest difference in prices was noted in procurement of waste containers.
Overall, this presentation examines the philosophical concept of rationality as found in Akan thought.
From the very beginning, the strategy the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken up is revolutionary patience and rationality, said President Rouhani in Majlis (Iranian Parliament).