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He said the UAE is dealing seriously with this challenge by conducting rationalization campaigns, purifying used water, building dams, and keeping water inside the ground to limit the dependence on desalinating sea water.
There is a point when rationalization reaches the soul, and human beings lose sight of simple right and wrong.
Pinol said he will meet with meat importers and even processors next week to discuss the rationalization program and get their recommendations on the matter.
Principle 8 under the "Risk Assessment" component instructs executives to explicitly consider fraud risk potential and assess rationalization; however, COSO provides few examples of potential fraud rationalizations and does not link them directly with relevant antifraud procedures.
"The rationalization act will just punish those who are already paying," he said.
Under the rationalization plan, Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminals 1 and 3 will be used exclusively for international flights while Terminals 2 and 4 will be assigned to domestic flights.
One of the key enablers identified for increasing the competitiveness of the export sector is the rationalization of tariffs on critical inputs of the export-oriented industry, said spokesman of the Commerce division.
NNA - Caretaker Ministers of Energy and Education, Gibran Bassil and Hassan Diab, on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding to introduce the "energy rationalization" principle in the educational curriculum.
Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that rationalization measures often have a major negative impact on both the physical and psychosocial work environment.
The Minister of Culture and Information said the Cabinet then reviewed a number of issues on its agenda and issued the following decisions: The Cabinet approved a number of measures pertaining to the conversion of the National Program for Energy Management and Rationalization at King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology (KACST) into a permanent national centre for energy rationalization at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In its most recent multi-client study, "Atlantic Basin Refinery Rationalization," PFC Energy examines not only how much capacity is likely to be at risk in the medium term (through 2013), but also which refineries are the most likely to be rationalised.
After a couple of years of SKU rationalization, it's time for the retailer and supplier communities to take a close look at the results of those efforts.