Raw Silk

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raw silk

[′rȯ ′silk]
A stage in the production of silk from the cocoons of cultivated silkworms when the silk filament consists of 80% fibroin and 20% sericin.

Raw Silk


an industrial thread of natural silk, obtained in cocoon reeling by combining lengthwise several, usually five to ten, cocoon filaments; the filaments are firmly cemented together with sericin. Raw silk must be uniform with respect to thickness, smoothness (the absence of thickenings or breaks on short segments of the fiber), and cohesion of the filaments. Its mechanical properties are higher than the properties of the cocoon filaments: the breaking strength is 15 percent higher and the extensibility is 10–15 percent higher. More than one-half of all the raw silk produced is processed into thrown silk. Raw silk, which is usually produced in crosswound skeins, is used to manufacture dress fabrics, sewing threads, and other articles.

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Shanghai Petrochemical cooperated with dozens of research institutes, universities and enterprises such as Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Shanghai Engineering Company and Fudan University to rapidly advance carbon fiber technology research: in November 2008, the pilot plant was built; in March 2009, success Developed 12K raw silk; in May 2016, carried out research on industrialization of carbon fiber 48K large tow raw silk; in January 2018, successfully developed polymerization, spinning and oxidation carbonization technology of large tow carbon fiber to form a thousand tons of PAN based The technical basis of the 48K large tow carbon fiber complete technology package.
The Minister further said that the projects are expected to contribute additional production of 2285 MT raw silk during the project period and 1100 MT silk per annum involving 46094 families, which will generate employment to about 2.30 lakh persons.
Sericulture farmers producing silkworm seeds, seed cocoons, disease free layings, commercial cocoons, Reelers/ Spinners for production yarn, raw silk, Silk weavers , diversified silk items producers, sericulture nursery, plantation, land status, in the entire 33 districts of Assam to generate a detail report on Sericulture Profile of Assam Document cost : INR 1000
The final piece in this special series was the #EstherDress, a one-of-a-kind raw silk dress painted on by hand.'
In a statement, the Japanese Embassy noted that while textile production is popular in the Philippines, Filipinos commonly rely on imports from other countries for some of its raw silk materials, including those used for traditional costumes such as the Barong Tagalog.
Banarasi Cloth Merchant Association President Zafarullah Ansari, talking to The Express Tribune, said that the entire business of the industry depends on raw silk thread.
Uzbekistan exports to India beans, balsams, raw silk, earth metals, fertilizers and other goods.
The price of raw silk (11 percent), niger seed (7 percent), fodder (4 percent), safflower (kardi seed) (3 percent) and soyabean and copra (coconut) (2 percent each) declined.
Kalel, Brooklyn landing: resplendent & vainglorious in your raw silk suit, your striped sweat socks: How many thousand moons have gone since that last apocalypse: bright skin, a barnacle rocking along the bellies of those ships: Don't plunder remind the others of soup, but more meaty, that dark monkey, & more black milk--I got my bead on a breaded satellite, a sparrow: But wasn't there some second ark: woodwind & muscle, one of burnished gold--Come on, man: where's Nietzsche: you searched from sonar to lunar for the angel of history, didn't you do everything you were told?
On top of each work, the artist draped pieces of raw silk that she exposed to the elements for more than a year, as if these canopy-like ensembles were what one would stumble on in a natural environment.
Average weights of cocoon, shell, and raw silk were taken as shown in Tables 1 and 2.
The collection incorporatied modern cut tops, pants and tunics using digital printing, hand embellishment, contemporary embroideries and applique on raw silk, short silk, organza and chiffon.