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, razor-billed auk
a common auk, Alca torda, of the North Atlantic, having a thick laterally compressed bill with white markings



(Alca torda), a bird of the family Alcidae of the order Charadriiformes. Alca is the only genus. The bird’s back and head are blackish-brown, and the belly is white. Body length, 41-48 cm. The bill is high, laterally compressed, and has a white transverse stripe. The razorbill is found in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean; in the USSR it lives on the shores of the Barents and White seas, and in isolated cases, on Lake Ladoga. It nests in coastal rocks; both parents sit 35-36 days on the single egg. The diet consists of small fish. Razorbills winter in the sea. They are cautious birds and excellent swimmers and divers.

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Razorbill populations were observed as being unusually large in 2013 (Brinkley 2013) and may have made them more available as prey items for Snowy Owls.
Increase in the rate of recovery of Shiant Isles Atlantic puffin, razorbill, European shag, and other seabird populations, as predicted by similar rat eradication projects elsewhere in the UK, with productivity at or above the level required to maintain stable populations by the end of the project (this level is 0.
Razorbills, with 319 pairs, have been "a real success story of the islands," according to David.
Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group, is devoted to publishing the absolute best, most exciting fiction and non-fiction on the market today.
Eloise Flood, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group said Beyond the Lemonade Stand is an advice book for children ages 8-12 who are looking to get ahead.
This included one razorbill diving to a depth of 130m under the sea - a depth greater than Wales' tallest buildings - and that birds were routinely travelling around 40km from their nesting sites.
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All of England's gannets and black guillemots are found in the region, along with virtually all the puffins, Arctic terns, roseate terns, kittiwakes and razorbill.
The elderly birds tracked by the system include a 51-year-old manx shearwater (typical lifespan 15 years), a 42-year-old razorbill (13), a 31-year-old curlew (five) and a 20-year-old red kite (four).
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STROLLERS who thought they spotted a lone penguin ducking and diving in the Irish Sea actually saw a razorbill bird, it was claimed yesterday.