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, razor-billed auk
a common auk, Alca torda, of the North Atlantic, having a thick laterally compressed bill with white markings



(Alca torda), a bird of the family Alcidae of the order Charadriiformes. Alca is the only genus. The bird’s back and head are blackish-brown, and the belly is white. Body length, 41-48 cm. The bill is high, laterally compressed, and has a white transverse stripe. The razorbill is found in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean; in the USSR it lives on the shores of the Barents and White seas, and in isolated cases, on Lake Ladoga. It nests in coastal rocks; both parents sit 35-36 days on the single egg. The diet consists of small fish. Razorbills winter in the sea. They are cautious birds and excellent swimmers and divers.

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Increase in the rate of recovery of Shiant Isles Atlantic puffin, razorbill, European shag, and other seabird populations, as predicted by similar rat eradication projects elsewhere in the UK, with productivity at or above the level required to maintain stable populations by the end of the project (this level is 0.
In contrast, neither growth rate nor departure mass declined with hatching date in any Thick-billed Murre or Razorbill sample in which the relationship between parental quality and timing of breeding was randomized.
The razorbill left its colony during the evening (around 8pm) and flew 23km (14 miles) to the south west, before landing on the water an hour later.
The photograph was closely inspected and the bird was identified as a razorbill.
The creature - known as razorbill M23170 - ringed as a chick 41 years ago, has become the oldest known UK bird of its kind, the British Trust for Ornithology claimed yesterday.
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A razorbill, which was tagged with the number M23170 more than 41 years ago, has lived more than three times as long as the species' typical lifespan, and is still breeding on the same cliff on Bardsey Island where it hatched.
VICTIMS: Above, a gannet, right, razorbill and far right, a guillemot; POISONED: Puffin, left, great skua, right and below left, a lesser black backed gull; SINKING: The Prestige goes down off the Spain coast last November
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WITH its distinctly forgettable name you'd be forgiven for thinking there was nothing special about the razorbill known as M23170.
A razorbill living on Bardsey Island, off the Lln Peninsula, has celebrated its 42nd birthday.
Now it has emerged the island is also home to Britain's oldest razorbill - first ringed as a chick on July 2, 1962, exactly 42 years ago.