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(networking, tool)
(Remote copy) The Unix utility for copying files over Ethernet. Rcp is similar to FTP but uses the hosts.equiv user authentication method.

Unix manual page: rcp(1).


Abbr. for “reinforced concrete pipe.”
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The role of RCP clinical director for digital health will enable me to do this on a national and international scale.
Jacoby brings to RCP more than 35 years of experience as an innovator and thought leader, having worked for such nationally recognized insurance intermediaries as Marsh & McLennan, Lockton and IMA.
The researchers also found that even under the RCP 2.6 scenario, the ELP for human sustainability would improve in more than 15 per cent of the area, which could allow for a five-fold increase in the in the capacity of the territory to sustain and become attractive to human populations.
In response to queries of RCP members, the former MNA made it clear that he could not guarantee their safety after return and had been only tasked to work as a bridge between the two parties.
There is no specific prohibition of assisting a suicide in Scottish law, but anyone doing so could be charged with murder or culpable homicide, the RCP said.
The RCP said they will adopt a neutral position until two-thirds of respondents say they should be in favour or opposed to a law change.
The President commended the efforts of RCP in organising a conference on advance patient care in Pakistan.
He also urged the delegation to further enhance cooperation with the Pakistani doctors.The president commended the efforts of the RCP in organising a conference on advance patient care in Pakistan and underscored that such endeavours will be beneficial to raise the standards of medical education in the country.
The RCP covers other areas including real time asset and
In the present study, we assessed whether a novel recombinant peptide (RCP) sponge made of human collagen could act as a less invasive and beneficial scaffold in cell therapy for ischemic stroke.