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(networking, tool)
(Remote copy) The Unix utility for copying files over Ethernet. Rcp is similar to FTP but uses the hosts.equiv user authentication method.

Unix manual page: rcp(1).


Abbr. for “reinforced concrete pipe.”
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Since co-founding RCP in 2011, Mr Lim raised over S$400 million in private equity from family offices and corporate investors, and invested in excess of S$800 million into retail and office real estate assets.
Regarding the water balance, there were increments in DEF values and reduction in EXC values, with greater intensity in the Northwest, North and Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys at the end of the XXI century in RCP 8.
It's important to note that such an RCP event also requires a specific triggering event to create and initiate this fast, brittle fracture.
He said: "When you brought all of the Liverpool bid together, we saw the sense of real commitment and partnership to the RCP and the recognition of their appreciation of our brand and what we could add to the city.
Nicho modificado: El habitat estable de la LC en los RCP fue variable desde RCP 2.
Heritability estimates of the traits (h2) (Table 4) showed that DAYS90 and the pork yield predictor traits, BF and RCP, estimated from ultrasound were all moderately to highly heritable (0.
To qualify for the Advanced Certificate in Radiation Curing, participants must complete all three 500-level RCP courses for credit with a cumulative grade of at least 3.
They promote the RCP viewpoint policies in the medical profession in general and to the Fellows Members in particular.
RCP of PE pipes is initiated at defects within the pipeline by sudden mechanical shock such as a high-velocity impact from excavation equipment or a pipeline pressure pulse.
In this study the RCP market is segmented based on their type, application and geography.
Speaking ahead of an RCP conference on the harms of alcohol, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the RCP's special adviser on alcohol, said that a minimum price per unit would not disadvantage moderate drinkers.
RCP is part of Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), where CCF Founder and Executive Director Dr.