reader's desk

reader’s desk

The middle desk in a three-decker pulpit.
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These things I know for very sooth, for I had them from that pious Christian and valiant knight, Sir John de Mandeville, who stopped twice at Beaulieu on his way to and from Southampton, and discoursed to us concerning what he had seen from the reader's desk in the refectory, until there was many a good brother who got neither bit nor sup, so stricken were they by his strange tales.
The process is now primarily managed by Rabab Khan, who is part of the Reader's Desk in the role of Community Interactivity Editor.
The thoughts are based on seven basic values and principles - themes that are beautifully presented in a sturdy box for display on top of the reader's desk or bureau.
At Beth Meier, the ark (which holds the congregation's Torah) and the reader's desk is covered with black crepe," said Rabbi Aaron D.
The Torah, with its traditional velvet cover, was brought with prayers to the reader's desk.
She joined Gulf News earlier this year for six months and spent her time split between the Reader's Desk and Gulf News TV.
What if that journal is sitting on some other reader's desk in a far part of the library?