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An introduction traditionally included in the top-level directory of a Unix source distribution, containing a pointer to more detailed documentation, credits, miscellaneous revision history, notes, etc. The file may be named README, or READ.ME, or rarely ReadMe or readme.txt or some other variant.

In the Macintosh and IBM PC worlds, software is not usually distributed in source form, and the README is more likely to contain user-oriented material like last-minute documentation changes, error workarounds, and restrictions.

The README convention probably follows the famous scene in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" in which Alice confronts magic munchies labelled "Eat Me" and "Drink Me".

readme file

A text file copied onto software distribution disks that contains last-minute updates or errata that have not been printed in the documentation manual.
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More requests could provide additional details, such as the readme file for each repository or the user names of those who forked the repository on GitHub.
This readme file should contain the designer's contact information, including an after-hours phone number, as well as contact info for the person responsible for the parts kit.
2 Server as well, with the shipping Server CDs being version 6C115a - the only change is a French-language ReadMe file.
This page gives three rules of thumb for obtaining type from Web sources (obtain fonts from the designer, use only fonts with a README file, and shop only on sites where the owners take responsibility for their products).
The BSP is delivered with complete documentation, including a readme file and an installation guide.
The Birmingham Poplog directory is at the following location, where the README file lists information about SIM_AGENT and its supporting libraries: ftp://ftp.
The ReadMe file is unnecessarily technical, and it actually provides little useful information except possibly the identity of the files (for example, PVEZW32D.
A README file that accompanies the software provides a more detailed description of all the routines and parameters.
A README file contains information pertinent to the downloading of the files.
Instructions in the README file there will lead you through downloading and installing lynx.