Real McCoy

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Real McCoy,

the probably originally McKay, a Scotch whisky; the term now alludes to the “first or best of its kind” or “the actual one.” [Pop. Culture: Payton, 409]
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In addition to being the executive producer and the creator for "The Real McCoy", Turner is currently writer and producer of the highly anticipated Indie film "Video Girl" (2010) starring Ruby Dee, Meagan Good, Haylie Duff and LisaRaye McCoy - A salacious narrative, loosely based on Turner's experiences working in the music video world.
Happily, the songs (arranged by Greenwald's husband, David Mansfield) and their musical interpreters are the real McCoy. Greenwald lets the music breathe, and the music lets Songcatcher breathe.
The RPs completed the same air-to-air training syllabus that they would normally execute in the U.S., but instead of an American-built adversary aircraft, such as the F-5 Tiger II or F-16 Fighting Falcon, they got to fight the "real McCoy." The Gladiators also had the opportunity to train with the German version of the F-4 Phantom II and the European-built Tornado.
The real McCoy is a "neutral playground where all the power is shared." Transactions may be conducted in several ways, such as in auctions and/or catalogs, in which sellers post offerings on the site and buyers bid.
A team of British and Australian astronomers has predicted a moderately good show for this year and next--stronger than in 1998--but they say the real McCoy won't occur until 2001 and 2002.
* If you've ever used the expression "the real McCoy," you may be referring to Elijah McCoy.
But O'Leary seems to be the real McCoy. In two recent cases involving the security clearances of scientists who are, as it happens, old friends of The Progressive, O'Leary displayed admirable--and astonishing--determination to break with the Department's dismal past.
The one big show-stopping moment-of-truth musical number, however, was the real McCoy. When George Hearn sang "Silence" at the end of Act II, you could hear twenty different and distinct snuffles from the seats around you, and it wasn't backers mourning their investment.
Making the case for a "spaceport" at Prestwick in her Central Ayrshire constituency, the SNP's Philippa Whitford said: "For a debate as important as this, I felt that we should actually contact the real McCoy.
Next best was Hennessy's De Real McCoy which flashed out of traps and raced to a three lengths victory over Slippery Fred in 28.39sec.
The Real McCoy Home Bar & Kitchen, at 114 Prospect St, Bellingham, WA 98225, received approval on an addition/change of class/in lieu to a license to operate as a direct shipment receiver.
Glastonbrummy is a tribute festival for those of us who missed out on the goldustlike tickets for the real McCoy. Held across two days it will showcase Discovery - Australia's infamous Daft Punk tribute band - headlining on Saturday in and around the new venues Alfie Birds & The Oobleck in the heart of Digbeth.