real estate

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real estate:

see propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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Real estate

Land and any improvements such as buildings and other site features.

real estate

Property in the form of land and all its appurtenances, such as buildings erected on it.

real estate

May be used for any critical resource measured in units of area. Most frequently used of "chip real estate", the area available for logic on the surface of an integrated circuit (see also nanoacre). May also be used of floor space in a dinosaur pen, or even space on a crowded desktop (whether physical or electronic).
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The BBA in real estate was formally approved by the New York State Department of Education in August 2005.
We look forward to working with the Arguelles family and AIG Global Real Estate to realize maximum value for both the joint venture and our tenants.
I've Heard it All and So Should You: Confessions of a Real Estate Columnist (Dearborn Real Estate Education, October, 2006; Soft cover; 5 1/4x7 3/4; 250 pages; ISBN: 1-4195-9326-9) is $22.
The experience of working to ameliorate broken deals didn't dissuade Gabriel from the real estate industry.
We're seeing an explosion of interest in REITs and other investment vehicles around the world," said Leo Wells, president of Wells Real Estate Funds.
As for real estate investment categories to consider, the commercial market is divided geographically, by industry segment (retail, office, warehouse, etc.
The alliance provides Capri with access to the expertise, contacts, and capital of Ross' entire organization, giving Primo the tools he needs to create real estate deals that can elevate his firm to the upper echelon of real estate investment management companies.
469-4(d)(1)(i), rental and nonrental real estate activities generally cannot be grouped when determining material participation, they can be combined if the grouping constitutes an appropriate economic unit and (1) the rental activity is insubstantial in relation to the nonrental activity or (2) each owner in the nonrental activity has the same proportionate ownership interest in the rental activity, in which case the portion of the rental activity involving rental of items to the nonrental activity may be grouped with the nonrental activity.
The kind of investment returns that you recognize from investing in real estate are not particularly advantageous for a public company," he said.
Dohner, Nortel's vice president of real estate, "One of the things our CEO asked was 'How do we make our real estate more valuable to the company?
This progress flows from several sources, including a general stabilizing of commercial real estate markets, albeit at a relatively depressed level in all too many cases.

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