real property

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real property:

see propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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Real property

Land with or without buildings, fences and other features. Also called real estate.

Real Property


in law, tracts of land and the various capital structures and installations erected thereon. Real property was recognized under prerevolutionary Russian law and has major significance under the legislation of the present-day bourgeois states, where rights to real property are publicly established and transactions involving real property, particularly land, must meet certain legal requirements.

Under Soviet law, property need not be classified as either movable or immovable because land, the main component of real property, is under the sole ownership of the state. Private transactions that involve land are accordingly prohibited. The special legal status that is established for land and its mineral wealth, waters, forests, structures, and installations is conditioned by the economic importance these objects possess.

real property

Land, everything growing on it, and all improvements made to it. It usually includes rights to everything beneath the surface, and at least some rights to the airspace above it.
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Amounts received or accrued as consideration for entering loan agreements secured by mortgages on real property or on interests in real property or entering agreements to purchase or lease real property;
The organization's real property management system included most of the traditional real property assets--including land and buildings--but data were woefully out-of-date.
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To calculate the FMV of the real property, the estate tax preparer typically engages the services of an appraiser.
Applying traditional fixture analysis, the court found that the home was real property at the time of the appraisal based on undisputed evidence that it was affixed to the land, used as a stationary residence, and intended to be a permanent accession to the real estate.
There is no readily apparent support in either the statute or legislative history for including in DPGR gross receipts from the sale or exchange of real property while excluding gross receipts from leases or rentals of that same property.
In Re Raborn reversed over 60 years of commonly accepted real property and trust law, and it was important to pass this law quickly to avoid a loss of trust protection for the thousands of Floridians with real property assets held in trust.
Finally, the AFU real property officer plans and executes all real property seizures for the department.
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The cost of a real property deficiency study should always be based upon a lump sum fee derived from the amount of time the consultant anticipates to be associated with the preparation of the entire report.
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