real time

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real time

As fast as required. A real-time system must respond to a signal, event or request fast enough to satisfy some requirement. Real time often refers to process control and embedded systems. For example, space flight computers must respond to changing conditions in order to keep the rocket ship on course. Industrial robots must respond quickly in order to keep the assembly line moving at full speed. Antilock brakes and other driving assist systems must respond to changing road conditions immediately in order to benefit the driver and vehicle. See embedded system, real-time audio, real-time video and real-time search.

Real-Time Communications
Videoconferencing requires real-time systems that transmit video across the network and display it at the other end as quickly as the camera is capturing it. Gaming is another real-time application. The system must render video frames in immediate response to the user's inputs.

Business Systems - Not Really
The typical transaction processing system is not considered real time even though it often updates databases immediately. However, in the past, as business information systems became fast enough to respond to queries and updates in only a second or two, they were called real-time systems.

A Synonym for Now
Real time is increasingly used as a synonym for just plain "now." Real time implies an immediate response to an action. For example, "the test results are answered in real time" is correct usage meaning that the results come back immediately. However, "let's do the test in real time" as a way of saying "let's do it now," was not why the term was coined. See online.
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This report focuses on the global Real Time Payments status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
Real Time Governance functions directly under the Chief Minister, who shall be spending his quality time in the State Center, where a 'Barco Wall', the biggest laser lit Wall so far in India will display 24 screens simultaneously.
With real time, latency and packet loss are much less forgiving than in the TCP world of web pages.
Real time has reached limits both in software and electronics and seems less crucial in the future: the smart machine will not be based on speed but on a new operating model (neuronal and non binary) and embedded computing will be revolutionized from new interfaces (hologram).
Asked what benefits their agencies gain from using real-time tools, 78 percent of respondents said "saves many keystrokes" and 71 percent described real time as a "significant time-saver for staff." Participants also identified ease of use (71 percent), faster/instant customer response (68 percent), the ability to quote more business faster (47 percent), freeing up more time for sales and service (47 percent), and greater accuracy (45 percent) as benefits.
So what is real time? It's the ability of an agent or broker to enter data once into an agency management or rating system and automatically send to and receive data from a carrier for rating, inquiry, policy information or other data needs.
Of course, that changed with the phenomenal rise of Twitter over the past few years because Twitter allows people to share in real time. Even though Twitter has a 140-character maximum per tweet, many people use Twitter to tweet links to breaking content, making it the default real-time web application for many people.
If you want a glimpse of the complex factors that can make real-time search an expensive software development project, you may find the June 2009 white paper (comprehensively entitled The Inner Workings of a Real Time Search Engine: Thoughts on Real Time Search by the Team at One Riot) useful.
Other subjects include reward maximization for embedded systems with renewable energies, discrete frequency selection of frame- based stochastic real-time tasks, and the impact of cache partitioning on multi-tasking real time embedded systems.
In fact, Yates, who for years has been at the forefront of leading the charge to get agents and carders connected in real time, said the industry now is about halfway to where real time will eventually be for its independent agency distribution systems.
Novell, Waltham,Mass., has unveiled SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Real Time 10, the latest version of Novell's enterprise-class, open source real-time operating system for running high-performance, time-sensitive, mission-critical applications.
This recorder is designed to be non-intrusive, and it can record high-rate data arriving in real time while having minimal impact on system behavior.