real-time operation

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real-time operation

[′rēl ‚tīm ‚äp·ə′rā·shən]
(computer science)
Of a computer or system, an operation or other response in which programmed responses to an event are essentially simultaneous with the event itself.
An operation in which information obtained from a physical process is processed to influence or control the physical process.
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real time

As fast as required. A real-time system must respond to a signal, event or request fast enough to satisfy some requirement. Real time often refers to process control and embedded systems. For example, space flight computers must respond to changing conditions in order to keep the rocket ship on course. Industrial robots must respond quickly in order to keep the assembly line moving at full speed. Antilock brakes and other driving assist systems must respond to changing road conditions immediately in order to benefit the driver and vehicle. See embedded system, real-time audio, real-time video and real-time search.

Real-Time Communications
Videoconferencing requires real-time systems that transmit video across the network and display it at the other end as quickly as the camera is capturing it. Gaming is another real-time application. The system must render video frames in immediate response to the user's inputs.

Business Systems - Not Really
The typical transaction processing system is not considered real time even though it often updates databases immediately. However, in the past, as business information systems became fast enough to respond to queries and updates in only a second or two, they were called real-time systems.

A Synonym for Now
Real time is increasingly used as a synonym for just plain "now." Real time implies an immediate response to an action. For example, "the test results are answered in real time" is correct usage meaning that the results come back immediately. However, "let's do the test in real time" as a way of saying "let's do it now," was not why the term was coined. See online.
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The same PV production and battery swapping demand data are used to simulate the real-time operations of the BSS.
This data can, however, be broken into distinct processing intervals that define the available time in which all processing must be completed to maintain real-time operation. In the ABF case, the adaptive weights, which define the phase and gain of each array element, need to be applied to the data from which they were calculated in order to maximize the effectiveness of interference rejection.
As a result, Real-Time Operation Systems have been used to help in achieving these objectives.
From pre-weld programming to real-time operation to post-project assessment, digital technology takes care of accuracy and repeatable performance.
Syscon-Plantstar ( takes production and process monitoring to the next level through the integration of LED display boards linked with the company's real-time operation monitoring database system.
better coordination between transmission system operators (TSOs) ensuring effective real-time operation of the European grid with gradual evolution towards regional system operators (requiring effective unbundling'); and 3.
"The next generation of real-time operation is about all the nodes of operation having access to the same information and giving you visibility across the system," says Mike Kotecki, senior vice president, HK Systems (800-457-8367,
Using true hardware multi-threading, the META family of processors delivers, in a unified architecture, general purpose processing, complex DSP and multimedia capabilities, real-time operation and low power consumption.
Real-time operation facilitates swift identification of existing or potential problems to the relevant managers.
eAresBank integrates the needs of international financing business and the functions of commercial banks, uses on-line real-time operation model and integrates retail & wholesale banking.

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