reality view

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reality view

A display mode in handheld, portable and in-dash GPS navigation systems that shows the highway exits in a more realistic fashion. Reality view is designed to assist people in following the directions. See GPS.

No Ambiguity Here
Reality view helps drivers see the lane changes quickly and accurately as in this iPhone Navigon GPS example.

2D and 3D Views
Navigation systems also provide 2D views (top) and 3D views (bottom) of the road, depending on the user's preference.

2D and 3D Views
Navigation systems also provide 2D views (top) and 3D views (bottom) of the road, depending on the user's preference.
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Fans will have the chance to see a virtual reality view from all seats to the pitch before they buy a season ticket at the new ground.
Each tour is a complete Virtual Reality view requiring QuickTime 5.
SKY BLUES fans are to get a virtual reality view of the club's Arena 2000 superstadium.
A Windows Phone app will be available on the Nokia Lumia smartphone that shows the location of the Tag accessory on a map with the full Nokia LiveSight augmented reality view. As long as the Nokia Lumia device is within a close range, the user can also press the button on the Tag that will sound off a notification alarm on the smartphone.
Localscope's unmatched location discovery experience lets users browse local information from diverse services in an amazingly intuitive list view with realtime direction pointers and distance meters, lay them out on the map, or look through the state of the art augmented reality view to spot the results in the real world.
I come from the Merthyr area and, unlike Jeff Cuthbert, a migrant from Cardiff to the Rhymney Valley, I don't have his rose-coloured, virtual reality view of the area as a good, solid salt of the earth, Labour voting, respectable working class community.
Using the augmented reality view SOLight shows in a simple and quick way the sun paths throughout the whole year.
City yesterday presented a virtual reality view of the 32,000-capacity ground, to be built just a goal-kick from their existing Filbert Street home.