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see legislative apportionmentlegislative apportionment,
subdivision of a political body (e.g., a state or province) for the purpose of electing legislative representatives. In the United States, the Constitution requires that Congressional representatives be elected on the basis of population.
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See Solimine, Three-Judge District Court, supra note 157, at 126-28 (arguing that the purported advantages of the court have been overstated, and that one district judge, with the normal appellate process thereafter, should hear reapportionment cases).
The ten-year reapportionment is for adjustments caused by a decade's national census.
During this era, the legislature was dominated by a secretive cabal of rural state senators known as the "Pork Chop Gang." They operated in secret, controlled the Senate, and above all else protected their seats from reapportionment.
For example, state-county relations are important, but it would have been more useful to review research concerning current interactions between county officials with state legislators and administrators rather than dwell on long-past reapportionment cases.
The truth may be that no amount of changes and "reapportionment" of resources can save Noel's House Party.
(3) We can have a turnout-sensitive strategy of reapportionment. (4) We can seek to increase turnout.
In 1965, following a reapportionment of the Georgia legislature, a special election was held in which Hamilton and six other black Democrats won new seats.
The best ideas for tax relief seem to be the ones dealing with reapportionment; the inequities with the state income tax must be addressed.
Why should someone wait until 1997 to write a story about the Pennsylvania reapportionment - the shuffling around of state House and Senate districts every 10 years - when that exercise in political gyrations took place back in 1991?
The courts have also employed variants of the test (without scholars previously having noticed) in several related fields: reapportionment, racial gerrymandering, racial vote dilution, etc.
Due to the reapportionment process, California will be an unusually heated hotbed of political activity in 2012 with elected officials and those hopeful to become elected-participating in a statewide game of musical chairs to fill up to 177 new legislative, congressional and Board of Equalization seats.