rear admiral

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rear admiral

an officer holding flag rank in any of certain navies, junior to a vice admiral

Rear Admiral


(Russian, kontr-admiral; from French, contre-amiral), the lowest (junior) admiral’s rank in the navies of the majority of states, corresponding to the rank of major general in the ground forces. In Russia the rank of rear admiral was introduced in 1699; for a time in the early 18th century, the Russian Navy had the ranks of shautbenakht and arir-admiral instead. The rank of rear admiral was definitively established by the Table of Ranks of Jan. 24, 1722. In the Soviet Navy the rank of rear admiral was reintroduced by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on May 7, 1940.

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Rear Admiral Perera joined the Sri Lanka Navy on August 23, 1978.
Also present for the ceremony was Vice Admiral Mark Norman, who also heaped praise on the former MARLANT/JTFA commander: "During his three-year tenure, Rear Admiral Gardam has been a tireless leader, making impressive strides in promoting the vital role of the Royal Canadian Navy both at home and abroad.
Thanking Rear Admiral Powell for his "perseverance and loyal service from the rank of Seaman to Rear Admiral," Montel Williams explained the context and importance of Rear Admiral Powell's service, concluding, "His monumental contributions opened doors for all of us, I wouldn't be standing here today if not for the path he laid before me.
Vice-Admiral Fox and Rear Admiral Miller congratulated HRH the Premier on the marriage of his grandson Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Khalifa.
BEIRUT: Rear Admiral Luiz Henrique Caroli handed over command of UNIFIL's Maritime Task Force Saturday to Rear Admiral Wagner Lopes de Moraes Zamith on board Brazilian Flagship Frigate "UNIAO" in the presence of Lebanese Army officials.
Rear Admiral Guild says:" am looking forward to the challenges of the next few years, as we continue the good work of the Engineering Council in ensuring that the competence and commitment of the UK's professionally qualified engineers is recognised as the benchmark to aspire to.
French Ambassador to UAE Alain Azouaou presented the honour to the retired Rear Admiral during a ceremony held at the French Embassy here in attendance of Commander of the UAE Navy, Commodore Salim Al Mushrekh and top Emirati and French navy and army officers.
Rear Admiral Thornvist can count on my full support and that of the European
Kalathas has been nominated for appointment to the grade of rear admiral (lower half).
Rear admiral Mark Kerr,55, will take over Powys council's top post in September.
Rear Admiral Ahmed Fauzan also holds Masters Degree in Real Time Electronic Systems from UK.
KARACHI: A spokesperson for Pakistan Navy on Wednesday said Commodore Ahmed Fauzan has been promoted to the rank of rear admiral.