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partial refund of the total price paid for goods or services. In the United States, rebates were historically given by railroads to favored shippers as a return on transportation charges. The Elkins Act (1903), the Hepburn Act (1906), and the regulations of the Interstate Commerce CommissionInterstate Commerce Commission
(ICC), former independent agency of the U.S. government, established in 1887; it was charged with regulating the economics and services of specified carriers engaged in transportation between states.
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 prohibit and penalize railroad rebates. A tax rebate from local, state, or federal governments may occur when unexpectedly large tax revenues create a budget surplus. The term is also used to refer to coupons, trading stamps, and other premiums used by retailers to stimulate sales.

rabbet, rebate

rabbet, 1
1. A longitudinal channel, groove, or recess cut out of the edge or face of a member; esp. one to receive another member, or one to receive a frame inserted in a door or window opening, or the recess into which glass is installed in a window sash.
3. A shallow recess in one body to receive another, as at the edges of a pair of doors or windows so shaped as to provide a tight fit; one half of the edge projects beyond, and serves as a stop for, the other edge of each leaf.


a refund of a fraction of the amount payable or paid, as for goods purchased in quantity; discount
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com consolidates the necessary paperwork or points the user to an online submission process (when available) to minimize the effort needed to redeem the rebate.
As might be expected by the way the tax rebate legislation was designed, a higher percentage of middle-income Americans report receiving a tax rebate than do those having lower incomes or those with higher incomes.
Simply complete the rebate form and attach proof of your chapter membership.
According to the court's opinion, nowhere did Cingular's advertising indicate that customers would receive cards in lieu of a cash rebate.
SANTA CLARITA -- Water companies have tried to persuade homeowners to save water with rebates for costly weather-based lawn timers, but cheap water seems to be a spoiler.
Other retailers with online rebate programs include Rite Aid Corp.
The remainder is covered by a state contribution of two percent and by a manufacturer's rebate of 18 percent.
GE had surveyed consumers prior to choosing the original rebate option, finding that 75% of them would choose a rebate rather than a so-called "repair.
Sure, those kinds of initiatives don't give you the instant rush of a rebate, but once that rush is over, will a rebate make you a better solution provider for your customers?
A new Windows rebate tracking software solution has been made available in the form of Rebate
The rebate amounts are so substantial that in some cases the amount of the rebate can reduce the payback period to less than one year.
18) Indeed, the example confirms that under separate-entity accounting, the manufacturer (B) deducts the entire $10 rebate in the year of payment and the finance subsidiary (S) takes a $90 basis in the product.