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(rē`bĕk), one of the earliest forms of the violin. It was pear-shaped, had from three to five strings, and possessed a strident tone. Its use, which began in the 13th cent., was to play melodies of popular songs and dance music, accompanied by percussion. The rebec, prevalent in European medieval and early Renaissance music, developed from the Arab instrument, the rehāb.



(also rebek), an ancient stringed and bowed musical instrument. A rebec has a wooden, rimless, and pear-shaped body, whose upper part tapers directly into the neck. The soundboard has two soundholes, and the three strings are tuned in fifths. The rebec first appeared in Western Europe about the 12th century and was used until the third quarter of the 18th century. It influenced the shape of instruments belonging to the violin family.

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No ReBEC, dado o menor numero de registros em comparacao ao, foi realizada uma verificacao individual de cada registro para selecionar aqueles que envolviam ensaios clinicos com medicamentos.
Behrens Vent David, to Strickland Kristian Lee & Kahl Rebec; 771 Ruby Ave, Eugene; $174,900.
The four members play harp, lute, gittern (a predecessor the guitar), recorder, pipes plus vielle and rebec (early fiddles) and are joined by the female vocal trio Voice.
Mayors Camelo NuAaAaAeA~ez of Cateel, Arturo Monday of Baganga, and Rebec Rosit of Boston were also present during the consultations.
Flamenco owes its existence to the Moorish invaders in the 8th century who not only brought their music to the region but also the rebec, the spiritual ancestor of the guitar.
Clare Salaman, who appears with the Ian McMillan Orchestra as well as performing her own work, is a multi instrumentalist and composer who plays violin, baroque violin, hurdgurdy, nyckelharpa, medieval vielle, rebec, hardanger fiddle and accordion.
Registries included the following: Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR), Chinese Clinical Trial Register (ChiCTR),, Clinical Trials Registry-India (CTRI), Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials (RPCEC), EU Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR), German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS), Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT), ISRCTN, Japan Primary Registries Network (JPRN), Pan African Clinical Trial Registry (PACTR), Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry (SLCTR), the Netherlands National Trial Register (NTR), Clinical Research Information Service (CRiS) public of Korea (KCT), and Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (ReBec).
The Rebec research group localized this effect to the nucleus accumbens by showing that if GLT1 was blocked in this brain region even after ceftriaxone treatment, the rats would relapse.
From the Syriac music, artist Mahmoud al-Aqeal performed a solo at the rebec, and after that, the musical piece of "al-Osfor was played.
Par Mohamed Moussa Le Festival, qui a adopte pour theme: [beaucoup moins que]Le rassemblement Autriche-Egypte[beaucoup plus grand que], a temoigne de plusieurs activites folkloriques et artistiques, dont la musique autrichienne, les epopees egyptiennes racontees sur rebec. Une exposition a ete egalement tenue sur les chefs-d'oeuvre du fameux artiste autrichien Gustave Clement, en plus d'une section pour les contes egyptiens et d'autres sur les oeuvres d'art sous ledit theme.
A competition to play Al-Rababa (rebec) musical instrument will start on Saturday and continue for a week.
Although still being studied, it is hypothesized that different restorative processes to the brain occur during each stage of this sleep architecture (Grove & Rebec, 1992; Lavie, 1996; Neikrug & Ancoli-Israel, 2010).