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The senator said the Local Government Code provisions on the power of recall has provided a way for local officials to immediately return to power after reaching the term limits provided in the Constitution.
The apple sauce products were immediately pulled from store shelves following the recall announcement.
The company should foresee and prepare for potential financial hardships and liability resulting from a product recall.
5 million, Stericycle still reported an uptick in recall volume.
Under the voluntary recall code announced by SIAM last year, there is no regulatory body or any penalty clauses, but the lobbyist group did recommend that the government take action against any manufacturer who failed to recall vehicles when deemed necessary.
Products, such as those from Beko recalled because of fire risk represent just one small part of the product recall issue
The direct cost of a recall can easily reach into the millions of dollars, and the indirect cost to brand equity can be multiples of that, according to industry research.
is such that recall liability is spreading widely to retailers, CMOs and distributors.
Retailers have always been in a unique position during a recall.
Following the release of the GAO report, the FDA released a written statement claiming it launched a program in November designed to improve recall notification and classification and educate the industry about the process.
Northwest Airlines has recalled at least 425 pilots and plans to recall an additional 150 in the first half of next year.