received power

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received power

[ri′sēvd ′pau̇·ər]
The total power received at an antenna from a signal, such as a radar target signal.
In a mobile communications system, the root-mean-square value of power delivered to a load which properly terminates an isotropic reference antenna.
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echo signal

The radar energy returned to a radar by a target. The amount of this energy is called received power. Also called a video signal or a target signal.

target signal

The radar energy returned to a radar by a target. Also called an echo signal or a video signal. The amount of this energy is called received power. The size of the echo on the PPI (plan position indicator) is a direct function of the received power. See echo.
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Figure 4 shows the received power levels along the three paths.
The PHY layer of the receiver is easier to obtain the value of received power. Thus, we plan to use control frame transmission to deliver some parameters for PHY layer to suppress INI.
For a system which has very high losses in receiving signal due to turbulent weather effects, we will enhance the received power by using the integrated optical fiber sensor system to compensate for the losses generated as a result of scatter phenomenon.
The received power of the direct path accounts for a large part of the total received power.
When the radius of the transmitting coil is smaller than the communication range ([r.sub.1] [much less than] x) the received power at resonance at location x is [6]:
The received power ratio providing the difference of powers between two received antennas is given by
In multipath fading environments we also propose the improved method which selects the route referring to the received power information added to RREQ in each hop.
Coverage mapping also supports received power and BER for 1011 Hz and 0.153 test patterns, BER estimation from voice traffic, and BER/MER measurement from control channel traffic, along with GPS location and time.
By faith he received power...." Jesus' words in Luke insist that the "Son of Man is coming" (v.
The FEU-WCDMA1 front end assembly comprises a diplexer, a low noise amplifier (LNA), a four-way power divider and a 30 dB dual-directional coupler that can be used to measure the forward transmitted and received power. The coupler measuring the received power is used to monitor the condition of the antenna.
Setting the received power equal to the sensitivity, we can solve for the range at which this occurs:
Before modernization, Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth, TX, received power at 12.5kV, which the utility then stepped down to 4.16kV and then to 480V.

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