recessed fitting

drainage fitting, Durham fitting

A cast-iron, threaded fitting, used on drainage pipes; has a shoulder such as to present a smooth, continuous interior surface.
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iGuzzini presented the compact and bright Laser Blade which is the first indoor linear LED recessed fitting with a circular light emission.
Lubricating the pipe and the ferrule with a bit of Teflon pipe joint compound (Photo 1) helps the ferrule slide along the pipe and squeeze tightly into the recessed fitting with less wrench pressure (Photo 2).
As a recessed fitting, all versions in this range are invisible when the light fitting is turned off, however, when activated, the luminaire slowly opens to reveal light from within.
Electrical outlet, female, supersede, bipolar, 2p + t, 15a, for a voltage between 100 and 250vac, with mirror, recessed fitting, with box for x
Tenders are invited for Supply of Recessed Fittings
The GL-DLC06 is a recessed LED down light for 6" recessed fittings which comes in 15W and 35W versions.