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the motion acquired by a particle as a result of its emission of a photon or other particle
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in firearms, the reverse movement of the barrel or breech caused by the energy of the powder gases when a pistol, rifle, or artillery gun is fired. The movement goes in the direction opposite to the direction of firing.

Recoil is manifested as a force that affects the firer or gun mount. In automatic weapons, the recoil is used for reloading (opening the breech, ejecting the used cartridge, loading the next round, closing the breech, and setting the firing pin).

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The best grip for SMGs and ARs, the angled grip makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady state.
His Bayard pistol, a very small .380 Auto, positioned the recoil spring above the barrel, an unusual arrangement, but this had two good points.
It aids in a wide gas flow to limit recoil and muzzle climb.
The piston transmits its energy to the bolt carrier via another free-floating unit made of a lightweight synthetic composite, while at the same time venting excess gas forward, both controlling bolt speed and reducing felt recoil.
A: The quickest and simplest way to reduce recoil is to try lighter loads.
The model has a 16.5- barrel and has less recoil, making it a great option for youth hunters in particular.
There's the option to order a bucket of drinks on ice to your booth, and Total Recoil will be filling replica ammunition boxes with ice and beers to deliver to your table.
Optimal gas porting, carrier weight, recoil spring and buffer weight can collectively contribute to making a rifle shoot the way that one did, but the gas system's length played a significant role.
7 March 2018 - Texas, US-based gathering and reclamation services provider Ace Gathering Holdings, LLC has completed its acquisition of Texas, US-based crude oil reclamation services provider Recoil Energy Systems, LLC to support Ace's growth throughout Texas and surrounding states, the company said.
In terminology used by scientists, the black hole may have "recoiled" - a phenomenon that occurs when two relatively smaller supermassive black holes collide and merge to form a single, larger supermassive black hole.
His professional opinion would probably consider the nature and location of the injury and repair, but a conclusion might also depend on whether he is a shooter, and thus may or may not have any knowledge of the jolt caused by severe recoil.