reconnaissance satellite

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reconnaissance satellite

reconnaissance satellite, artificial satellite launched by a country to provide intelligence information on the military activities of foreign countries. There are four major types. Early-warning satellites detect enemy missile launchings. Nuclear-explosion detection satellites are designed to detect and identify nuclear explosions in space. Photo-surveillance satellites provide photographs of enemy military activities, e.g., the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). There are two subtypes: close-look satellites provide high-resolution photographs that are returned to earth via a reentry capsule, whereas area-survey satellites provide lower-resolution photographs that are transmitted to earth via radio. Later satellites have combined these two functions. Other satellites use radar to provide images of enemy activity when there is cloud cover or it is dark. Electronic-reconnaissance (ferret) satellites pickup and record radio and radar transmissions while passing over a foreign country. The United States, Russia (before 1991, the USSR), and other nations have launched numerous reconnaissance satellites since 1960.


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reconnaissance satellites, they were mightily impressed.
Pressel, who was a project engineer in charge of the design of the Hexagon cameras and other optical instruments, relates the story of the design, development, production, and operation of the Hexagon KH-9 reconnaissance satellite, the last film-based satellite, which was developed by the Perkin-Elmer Corporation (now United Technologies) and provided photographic intelligence to the US government between 1971 and 1986.
According to previous reports, the satellite is the second in the new Persona series of electro-optical reconnaissance satellites based on the Resurs DK remote sensing satellite.
Charles Vick, an aerospace analyst with the military information Web site, told the Associated Press that it was fragments of the Russia's Cosmos 2495 reconnaissance satellite that was launched in May.
In July 1967, following reconnaissance satellite operations, the USIB renamed COMOR the Committee on Imaging Requirements and Exploitation (COMIREX) and established separate committees for SIGINT and COMINT.
SATELLITE GOKTURK LAUNCH: Turkey's second domestic reconnaissance satellite GE[micro]ktE-rk-2 was launched on Tuesday from China.
Fazeli also announced plans for the launch in October of the Fajr reconnaissance satellite with a life span of a year and a half, and to be placed at an altitude of 400 kilometers, the report said.
The UAE's fourth reconnaissance satellite the 'Falcon Eye 1' will be launched to space tomorrow (Thursday) at the French Guiana Space Centre at 5.53am UAE time.
Egypt is gearing up to launch EgyptSat A (MisrSat A), a new reconnaissance satellite on November 22, 2018, that will primarily assist its military with monitoring security breaches especially from Libya and Sudan, while also helping to plan the country's urban expansion better.
reconnaissance satellite detected the missile one or two years ago and the United States has since been trying to detect whether it has been deployed.

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