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New construction following the exact forms and details as they once were.


To reproduce a building in the same form and detail as it had been previously.
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Va la nature dynamique du spectacle et le fait qu 'aucune representation n 'est tout a fait identique a Vautre, Vobjet de la reception, dans notre cas, nest done pas completement reconstructible.
The former argument is supported further by a long subordinative structure, in which many premises are left unexpressed (but are reconstructible on the basis of the entire discussion or general background knowledge).
Disagreement space' refers to the complex of reconstructible commitments associated with the performance of a speech act.
L]([OMEGA]) should be perfectly reconstructible from its values taken on any 2N + 1 values in the interval [-L, L).
Its remnants are partially reconstructible (in our minds), and verifiable (or would be so, given time, opportunity, and resources).
True, the two-gender model is partly maintained when readers self-label the way they read, but hardly in the reconstructible reading practices themselves.
The Wade-Ash jurisprudence chain supports the constitutional necessity for an accurate, reconstructible record.
In the Italian provinces data, ITFEM1 is only loosely correlated with the more general socioeconomic variables, whereas EUFEM1 is largely reconstructible from the socioeconomic descriptors of the European countries.

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