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New construction following the exact forms and details as they once were.


To reproduce a building in the same form and detail as it had been previously.
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30] It is likely that, somewhere between the perfectly symmetrical, rigorous form described by Thurnwald and the wholesale freedom to choose as many ndu as one wanted from any group whatsoever, there is room for other distinct relationships, but nothing seems reconstructible today.
It is this game with the text, lost in the realms of memory yet reconstructible, the mythopoetic creation and destruction of signs, which forms the central isotopia in the Pavic text.
In view of the comparative evidence marshalled above, it seems quite plausible that the inherited mythological narrative, reconstructible on the basis of at least three traditions, featured the Divine Twins rescuing the drowning Sun Maiden from the sea.
Only one sealed room in a royal residence contained numerous complete and reconstructible objects (Inomata et al.

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