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New construction following the exact forms and details as they once were.
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To reproduce a building in the same form and detail as it had been previously.
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It was a turning point,for he began collaborating with the Great Orme Copper Mines, the world's largest Bronze Age copper mine,doing reconstructional archaeology.
If that is the case, it follows that in the absence of observable data--that is, under conditions normal for reconstructional linguistics--no objectifiable criteria can be called upon by the etymologist, and his proposals will always reflect his personal preferences.
II) with what he feels to be his strongest case: an apparent relationship of these TCs to the phonation types of the isolated Chepang language of south central Nepal, taken as a "reconstructional guideline" because of its reliable three-way contrast among clear, creaky, and breathy voice, which are characteristic of TC-I, TC-II, and TC-III, respectively.

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