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in a postwar economy, the switch to the production of civilian output. Reconversion implies structural shifts in production, capital investments, and foreign trade turnover and, in most cases, the implementation of a monetary reform and a change in the legal regulation of the economy. The restoration and reconversion of the economy are concurrent processes. During reconversion there is a temporary decline in the absolute level of production.

In the capitalist countries reconversion is carried out spontaneously, in the context of an acute competitive struggle. Moreover, it is accompanied by rising unemployment associated with the decline in military orders. The monopolies maintain high prices for consumer goods, making it possible to pass on to the working people the expenditures associated with reconversion. After World War II (1939–45) the reconversion and restoration of the economies of Western Europe were accomplished primarily under the Marshall Plan, which led to the intensified export of American capital and the strengthening of US political influence. In the capitalist countries reconversion of the economy, which proved to be partial, was accompanied by militarization.

In the USSR and the other socialist countries the transition to a peacetime economy was made in conformity with a plan and, despite the colossal scale of wartime devastation, with minimal losses to the economy and in the shortest possible time.


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The amount of temporary shares that can be reconverted to debt claims,
The account can then be reconverted to a Roth account.
Although his account of his reconversion was mainly a personal one, he endorsed and briefly outlined the ontological argument in it.(38) Bebbington still conceded as a reconvert that Hume's critique limited the usefulness of the argument from design, but he nevertheless claimed that sufficient proof for a proper deity was displayed once one combined it with the a priori argument.(39) Cooper devoted the last decades of his life to popularizing apologetic arguments, and both the argument from design and the a priori argument were standard weapons in his armory.(40) Sexton also found this latter argument compelling, although not necessarily serviceable: "Arguments a priori and a posteriori [that is, the argument from design] are both conclusive in favor of the being of God.
and elsewhere drifted further in a liberal direction, they would be compelled to send back missionaries to the countries which had missionized them to reconvert them to orthodox Christianity.
Rather, once converted, and then recharacterized, a taxpayer must wait to reconvert until the later of the next calendar year or 30 days after the recharacterization.
Ng Yat-hing, leader of the 17 plaintiffs, reiterated his appeal at the final hearing for the Japanese government to reconvert the war notes into Hong Kong currency at legal rates.
With the additional advertising revenue we could afford to reconvert many of our black-and-white illustrations -- another of our prodigal features -- to their original resplendent colour.
From 1580, the Jesuit mission to reconvert England used devotional texts in sacerdotal roles, in place of their most scarce resource, priests.
The logic, Hindu majority has, since Indian Muslims were converted from Hinduism during Muslims rule in India, therefore, they have to reconvert into Hinduism.
The Euro 50-million-additional loan will be repaid over 62 years with 54 years of grace, Bachtobji said, adding that Italy will reconvert part (Euro 25 million) of the Tunisian debts to this country.
But a US official told the AP the rest of the enriched uranium in the pipeline has been transformed into another form of the oxide that would be even more difficult to reconvert into enriched uranium, which can be turned into the fissile core of nuclear arms.