recovery capacity

heating capacity, recovery capacity

The capacity of a water heater to raise a given number of gallons per hour (liters per hour) by a specified number of degrees, for example, from 40 to 140°F (4.4 to 60°C); usually expressed in Btu per hour (kilowatts per hour); does not include the heat losses in the system which the water heater serves.
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The at least cohesive sandwich may include a cohesive material under pressure, facilitating a recovery capacity upon being pierced by a sharp object, whereby the molecules of the cohesive material cohesively reattach, self-sealing any passageway or space created by the sharp object.
Now humanity uses natural resources 1.75 times faster than ecosystem recovery capacity, scientists warn.
Further, the CoE will allow expanded and enhanced time zone coverage, along with customer service and disaster recovery capacity in support of F5's global business.
Motamed said the first train of SRU 108 of the refinery came online with 6 ton/hour of acid gas recovery capacity.
Also, another key feature of this report is the analysis of all key flare gas recovery capacity segments, regional adoption and revenue forecast in terms of absolute dollar.
Fauji Cement (FCCL) notified exchange about successful commissioning of its second waste heat recovery power plant with capacity of 9MW, taking total waste heat recovery capacity to 21MW.
She further expressed gratitude to the Japanese Government for the support through the IFRC to enhance response and recovery capacity for population affected by flood, noting that the Liberian Red Cross needs the support of everyone to enable the organization to reach further and deliver better.
- CO2 recovery capacity of 1,200 tonnes per day will be realized at Metafrax facility in Perm, Russia, scheduled for completion in 2021
* Expansion of residential crisis, detoxification, treatment and recovery capacity, including residential services for pregnant and postpartum women and Regional Youth Service Centers.
The Rima-Marmul field is now being developed for an ultimate recovery capacity of 200 million barrels.