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Or, l'analyse des espaces de pratique de la danse recreative de la bourgeoisie anglo-montrealaise, entre 1870 et 1940, peu etudiee par ailleurs, permet de verifier la fagon dont evolue la tendance a I'exclusivite spatiale dans laquelle I'elite vit ses loisirs, en fonction des nouveaux lieux de divertissement qui se developpent.
There are also after-school sport programs for children (free or at a fee) organized by the schools, municipalities, sports clubs, and the private sector for leisure or recreative purposes.
It is as if recreative reading is largely valued because it traces out, sympathetically and intuitively, the creative act of writerly composition by which the poietes brought into existence the specific poemobject.
Given the time constraints of current curriculum delivery are we, as teachers, giving all students class time to develop their recreative skills as we would analytical writing?
The trend by papal families such as the Borghese and Barberini to purchase large estates in the Roman campagna in the seventeenth century might even have been motivated, in part, by a desire to secure grounds for recreative activities such as hunting and fishing.
During music therapy assessment it was assessed that the patient was able to (a) express herself via improvisation and recreative playing, (b) vary her musical output and choose moods and themes to improvise upon, and (c) experience a lift and consolidation of mood as a result of music-making (as verified through the use of self-report measures).
Recreative viewing: A system which is able to select the information that users are most interested in, e.
They make a distinction between creative imagination (imagination that allows people to create new artistic, intellectual or practical ideas) and recreative imagination.
The first chapter of Colossians, which De Doctrina enlists as a proof-text, expounds the meaning of these two titles in both Jesus's framing of the Heavens and the Earth at the original Creation, and in his recreative Passion inaugurating a New Creation:
Rights/Responsibilities Concerning Work and Leisure: Because to lead an authentic human life all humans should normally have both meaningful work and recreative leisure, individuals and communities should strive to organize society so as to provide these two dimensions of an authentic human life both for themselves and all the members of their communities.
For example, in addition to the four groups of impacts mentioned in the methodology ExternE 2005, also the abatement of recreative, cultural and aesthetic value of the natural environment due to energy production should be estimated.
It is quite likely that the primary models develop a recreative tendency, when suitable condition is there.