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red cedar:

see juniperjuniper,
any tree or shrub of the genus Juniperus, aromatic evergreens of the family Cupressaceae (cypress family), widely distributed over the north temperate zone. Many are valuable as a source of lumber and oil. The small fleshy cones are berrylike in appearance.
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eastern red cedar, aromatic cedar

A highly aromatic, moderately high-density, fine-textured wood of a distinctive red color with white streaks; widely used for fence posts, shingles, and mothproof closet linings.
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Red cedar (Thujaplicata) and western hemlock Tsuga heterophylla) pollens have been found in lake sediments of the area up to 3,500 years ago, but no earlier.
The largest tree in North America east of the Cascade Range is a western red cedar. It grows over a cold spring-fed creek, among other giants, here in the Clearwaters.
Changes in prairie vegetation under eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginianan L.) in an eastern Nebraska bluestem prairie.
Other authors have noted the abundance of eastern red cedar in the Black Belt, and have suggested that an increase in abundance of this tree happened within the last century.
Emmerich shows me around the future forest: a plastic greenhouse of oak seedlings and outdoor cribs of oaks, hickories, white pines, red cedars, sweetgums, and tuliptrees.