red fir

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red fir:

see pinepine,
common name for members of the Pinaceae, a family of resinous woody trees with needlelike, usually evergreen leaves. The Pinaceae reproduce by means of cones (see cone) rather than flowers and many have winged seeds, suitable for wind distribution.
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Douglas fir, Oregon pine, red fir, yellow fir

A strong, medium-density, medium- to coarse-textured softwood; widely used for plywood and as lumber and timber in construction work.
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7 individual/ha in red fir, mixed-fir, white fir, and pine-cedar forests, respectively).
In most of 2004, monthly estimates of survival in mixed-fir, red fir, and pine-cedar forests remained below those of white fir forests; survival in white fir forests dropped in September.
Spermophilus lateralis were captured in red fir and mixed-fir forests, but captures in the latter were rare and were insufficient for population analyses.
lateralis was abundant only in red fir forests, we removed type of forest from population analyses, and survival was best explained solely by month (Table 2).
quadrimaculatus averaged 5 times higher in mixed-fir forests than in white fir or red fir forests (Fig.
Neotoma fuscipes were not captured in red fir forests, occurred at low levels (<0.
Although production declined in all types of forest, declines were much greater in mixed-fir and especially red fir forests than in white fir or pine-cedar forests.
As you climb higher, magnificent red firs, lakes, views, curious marmots
Lodgepoles give way to red firs, and to solitary junipers in rockier spots.
Columns of Shasta red firs adorned with bright green moss line the 1/2-mile route along a mostly flat and snow-covered road.