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Incised on the body of the lid are lines, curls and dots painted with red hematite that represent waves.
At the Cueva (Cave) Anton, the scientists unearthed a pierced king scallop shell painted with orange pigment made of yellow goethite and red hematite collected some five kilometers from that site.
The researchers also discovered two pierced dog-cockleshells painted with traces of red hematite pigment.
In the decades following 1830 and into the early 20th century, when the mining of red hematite iron ore flourished in West Cumbria, the region was one of the world's most prolific mineral localities.
The Goose Green mine was the source of superb specimens of "kidney ore" as well as dolomite, hematite-colored quartz crystals and large, brownish crystals of barite on dolomite matrix dusted over with red hematite.
The intervening layers, however, contain predominantly black basalt and red hematite particles.
Rather it was more likely due to a metal oxide system as that of iron, possibly including other spinels such as hercynite, in which the changes between the various coloring agents (for example, red hematite contrasted with black magnetite, or maghemite, or wustite, or some combination thereof) are reversible.
Rarely, they occur as delicate hemispherical aggregates, which are hollow and lined with red hematite.
Dramatic calcite specimens from China have been rivalling the world's previous best for a number of years now, Ste-Marie didn't produce anything new of this quality, but there were some fine and sculptural specimens of a new find of steep rhombohedral crystal groups composed of drusy-surfaced white crystals to 10 cm or more with a stoss-side coating of red hematite.
5 mm which commonly contain red hematite inclusions.
These large blades contain alternating bands of powdery red hematite with rarer pink to white feldspar and quartz intercalations.