red lauan

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Philippine mahogany, red lauan, white lauan

The wood of trees of several genera found in the Philippines; not a true mahogany, but resembles true mahogany in grain; density ranges from very light to quite heavy; whitish-yellow to pink, brown, or dark red in color; the heavier, darker woods are generally durable and quite strong and are used like true mahogany; the lighter-weight, colored woods are used for interior carpentry, plywood, and general construction.
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The anisotropy of thermal conductivity of wood is presented for the two select species (the softwood masson pine and the hardwood red lauan) in Figure 4.
For the two select species (masson pine and red lauan), the ratios of longitudinal to transverse thermal conductivity were consistent with the range given in the literature.
Red lauan, white lauan, red meranti, dark red meranti, light red seraya, dark red seraya, tanguile, tangile, bataan, mayapis, tiaong, obar suluk, saya, meranti ketuko, nemesu, almon, mayapis and alan.
The light red woods also are known around the world by the names perawan, meranti bunga, light red lauan, lanan, almon and mayapis.
Dipterocarp are mainly tropical lowland forest trees such as the apitong, bagtikan, red lauan, mayapis and malaanonang.
Trees like ipil, molave and narra are "sundemanding," he said, while tanguile, apitong, bagtikan, red lauan and kamagong are all right in shaded areas.