red locust

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locust, black locust, red locust

Wood of the locust tree; coarse-grained, strong, hard, decay-resistant, and durable; used in construction, esp. for posts.
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We show that the biological cycle of the Red Locust repeats each year with great regularity.
Our study of the biological cycle of the Red Locust in south Madagascar shows the importance of the seasonal migrations.
In Africa, the Red Locust is fairly well studied in its outbreak areas, and the movement patterns of gregarious individuals are well documented (Morant 1947, COPR 1982, Bahana 1999).
However, the fact that the Red Locust only has one generation per year reduces this species' potential for rapid population response to irregular rainfall conditions, which could partially explain why Red Locust outbreaks are less common and smaller in comparison to those of Migratory Locusts (Lecoq et al.
The adult life of the Red Locust is marked by a long period of adult sexual and reproductive diapause during the entire dry season (May-November).
For example, in 2006 and 2007, vegetation greenness in mid-November averaged 30% and 20% respectively, resulting either from the first rains, or from the bush fires of the dry season having stimulated the regrowth of green vegetation and thus provided the nutritive resources necessary to the Red Locust for its breeding activity.
Comparison of the reproduction rates observed in south Madagascar, as well as annual comparison of these same rates on a same site, demonstrates the strong impact of the abundance and distribution of the rains on both egg and nymph survival, eggs and nymphs seeming to constitute critical periods of the biological cycle of the Red Locust.
Rainfall > 40 cm/month clearly decreases Red Locust density.
Our findings may aid Red Locust control by the Malagasy National Antilocust Centre.
Based on the above information, we recommend the following management strategies for the Red Locust in southern Madagascar:
By using the above strategies, we believe that the Red Locust can be successfully controlled in south Madagascar.
However, the Red Locust also has a tendency for frequent small and local outbreaks.