red snapper

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red snapper:

see snappersnapper,
name for members of the Lutjanidae, a family of spiny-finned food and game fishes found chiefly in tropical coastal waters. Snappers are carnivorous, active, and voracious, with large mouths and sharp teeth. Most species travel in dense schools.
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Our tastes have changed immeasurably since getting heavily into pink wines around 15 years agoThere was also a suggestion of making a Bloody Mary but with the Young Tom - making it a Red Snapper - which sounds delicious
Caption: If you want to release a fish caught in deep water, such as this red snapper, a descender device can help its chances for survival.
A legal Red Snapper in these waters must be at least 16 inches.
The management of the fishery for red snapper in the northern Gulf of Mexico is highly controversial (Strelcheck and Hood, 2007; Cowan et al., 2011).
A former officer, who took retirement under A19, revealed how they had begun working for the force again shortly after, applying for the job through Red Snapper.
"Red Snapper's work with the force was an interim measure, which enabled us to get to a position of freeing up police officers more quickly, prior to the force permanently recruiting staff.
The workers are hired from Police Skills, part of Red Snapper recruitment.
True Genuine Red Snapper were a rare catch off Miami and Miami Beach.
The Seafood Import Monitoring Program establishes permitting, data reporting and recordkeeping requirements for species that have been identified as being particularly vulnerable to illegal fishing and seafood fraud, including cod, crab, mahi mahi, red snapper, shark, swordfish and tuna.
The center works directly with blue crab, red snapper, marine shrimp, spotted seatrout and striped bass.
ON A MORNING in early spring, at a dock alongside a popular Central Florida boardwalk, Jason DeLaCruz helps his crew unload 11,700 pounds of grouper, red snapper, and bycatch from the boat The Blackjack.