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red snapper:

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name for members of the Lutjanidae, a family of spiny-finned food and game fishes found chiefly in tropical coastal waters. Snappers are carnivorous, active, and voracious, with large mouths and sharp teeth. Most species travel in dense schools.
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The absurd closure in the face of abundant and growing red snapper populations has caused many millions of dollars in direct and indirect damages.
The recreational fishery for gray snapper has developed rapidly in south Louisiana with the advent of harvest and seasonal restrictions on the established red snapper (L.
I've got inside word from high in federal red snapper management.
We examined growth rates, size-at-age, and length and weight information of red snapper collected from the recreational harvests of Alabama (n=2010), Louisiana (n=1905), and Texas (n=1277) from 1999 to 2001.
You can finally keep some of those red snapper you've spent the past many months throwing back.
CRITICS OF THE TOTAL closure of all Atlantic red snapper fishing are desperately hoping that an upcoming reassessment will cause a re-opening of the popular fishery.
Our trio, however, focus most of their energy and efforts on the Red Snapper. This is their preference because of the combination of a great fight followed by a great tasting meal.
Paddle out, hit a few nearshore spots in your kayak and return to shore with a limit of red snapper before the sun gets high.
The meta-analytical approach to modeling used here for red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) in the Gulf of Mexico provides a robust method for dealing with study-specific differences in experimental protocols and for estimating release (discard) mortality as a function of key factors.
When I think about fishing for red snapper, the memories that flood my mind are of my first offshore experiences--the excitement of land dissipating in the wake and the uncertainty and anticipation of what might lie ahead.
"I sell lots of red snapper and bass but the most popular fish is salmon, particularly for currying or "masala".