red spider

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red spider:

see mitemite,
small, often microscopic arachnid that belongs to several orders in the subclass Acari (or Acarina), to which the tick also belongs; mites and ticks are related to the spiders.
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There is a biological control for this - a small mite called Phytoseiulus which when released in your glasshouse will gobble up the red spider mite.
Arachnigrip comes in a plain black style, too--no red spider. And this works just as well.
Effect of insecticides on the resurgence of the red spider mite, Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisdual on brinjal in Jammu, India.
On Monday, it unveiled ' Operation Red Spider 2': an investigation featuring sting operations conducted on officials of 23 banks and insurance companies.
The footage taken in 'Operation Red Spider' purportedly shows a number of senior executives of the three banks verbally agreeing to take huge amounts of cash from the undercover reporter and putting them into a variety of long-term investment plans so that the black money ultimately is converted into white.
Mealy bugs, slugs, white flies, red spider mites, shore flies, scale insects and other pests, most thankfully not as prolific as the aphids, all join together in a feeding frenzy.
RED Spider, the Remote Open Close Technology specialist delivering major savings and reduced risk to the oil and gas industry, has successfully secured a contract in West Africa for Total's Anguille field, valued at $940,000.
There are a range of harmless predators available that will feed on pests such as red spider mites, whiteflies and aphids.
Karlsson Red Spider Clock, above right, pounds 24 from Red Candy CLEAN UP Kitchen and bathroom floors will no longer pose a problem with this handy, dual purpose vacuum and floor washer.
Summary: Red Spider, the remote open close technology specialist delivering multi-million savings to the international oil & gas industry, has completed record levels of work in 2010 and taken on additional staff to allow further growth.
Red Spider Technology, the remote open close technology specialists serving the international oil & gas industry, has appointed John O'Hara as sales manager for North America, as part of a continuing global growth strategy.