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To edit sensitive documents before release to the public. With today's heightened awareness of the legal implications of exposing information, it is common to redact even email messages before sending them.



a variant text of a literary work resulting from the work’s revision by its author or some other person. The changes made generally result from the author’s creative quest. For example, A. N. Tolstoy’s novel The Sisters has three redactions (1922, 1925. and 1943).

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"Lady Justice Macur has recommended that certain material should be considered for redaction. The work is proceeding at pace with a view to publication as soon as possible."
Returning to the analysis of the direct tradition, once we have established filiation diagrams for each of the extant lineages of editions, and identified their ancestral redactions, we now must collate these ancestral witnesses and analyze their textual variants.
Barr has promised to provide congressional leaders with a version of the report containing fewer redactions.
Et les reactions au sein de la redaction ont ete generalement positives, assure-t-il.
"I remain concerned about the way information was redacted in this report, and think the Government should remove redactions unless they might prejudice future criminal proceedings."
And as it turns out, some of the Cabinet secretaries or representatives on their behalf had allowed earlier SALNs, those they submitted when they assumed office on June 30, 2016, or even before, to be released without redactions. Why follow the transparency principle then, in both spirt and letter, and then not follow it after some six months in high office?
Some agencies have turned to technology to help them be more efficient, but many electronic tools are meant for a single, specific purpose, such as redaction. Most tools sold solely for the purpose of redaction do not offer a web-based solution and document repository for storing the original record or working versions for each level of review, and they don't offer the security of a sanitized electronic record for distribution to the requester or for publishing.
Redaction of court records is a cause for concern for many.
Both of those universities supplied copies of their contracts to the newspaper in a matter of weeks, without charge and without redactions.
The focus of this research is therefore on discerning the latest redactions that shaped the Pentateuch and other literary productions.
9.2 include a local file viewer that brings Prizm Content Connect to users' desktops for dozens of supported file types, plus new customizable image stamp annotations and redactions that users can create and modify from customer-loaded image files.
HOME Secretary Theresa May has insisted she did not request any redactions to an American report that exposed brutal CIA interrogation methods in a bid to cover up any UK involvement.