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an open field fortification with two faces at an angle of 60°-120° to each other, protruding in the direction of the enemy. Small redans with blunt angles are called flèches.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, redans were built not only as separate fortifications, but also as continuous fortifications by connecting a series of redans with straight segments. Trenches with redan-type outlines were common in the fortified positions of most armies during World War I.

ravelin, demilune

In fortifications, a projecting outwork forming a salient angle.
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'I am a fan of Redans (the style of hole), but it has got to play in a certain way.
take a plan of it, (let it be what town it would) and enlarge it upon a scale to the exact size of his bowling green; upon the surface of which, by means of a large roll of packthread, and a number of small piquets driven into the ground, at the several angles and redans, he transferred the lines from his paper; then taking the profile of the place, with its works, to determine the depths and slopes of the ditches,--the talus of the glacis, and the precise height of the several banquets, parapets, &c.--he set the corporal to work-(6: 21,428) Toby's method assumes that the model will always exactly and simultaneously correspond to the reality it would represent in offering an accurate reading of that reality's dynamics.
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