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any of various birds having a red breast, esp the Old World robin (see robin (sense 1))
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(Erithacus rubecida), a bird of the family Turdidae of the order Passeriformes. The body is about 15 cm long. In adults the back is olive-brown, the underpart white, and the crop and breast reddish; the young are speckled. Redbreasts are found throughout Europe and western Asia. At the onset of winter they migrate to North Africa, southeastern Europe, and Southwest Asia, returning to their nesting grounds early. They inhabit moist woods, especially alder and hazelnut thickets along the banks of streams, and dense growths of spruce saplings. They build nests on the ground or in low tree stumps. One or two sets of eggs are hatched during the summer, with each clutch containing four to six eggs. In spring and summer the birds feed on insects and in autumn and winter on seeds and berries.

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LEADING BRANDS OF IRISH WHISKEY, 2014-201B (000 9-liter cases) Brand Supplier Jameson Pernod Ricard USA Tullamore Dew William Grant & Sons Bushmills Diageo Cooleys Beam Suntory Paddy Pernod Ricard USA Concannon The Wine Group John Power Pernod Ricard USA Redbreast Pernod Ricard USA Black Bush Diageo Total Leading Brands Total Irish Whiskey % Change Brand 2014 2015 2016 15/'16 Jameson 2,015 2,436 2,833 16.3 Tullamore Dew 142 178 207 16.3 Bushmills 185 189 197 4.2 Cooleys 80 54 57 5.6 Paddy 33 43 50 16.3 Concannon 27 28 29 3.6 John Power 28 27 26 -3.7 Redbreast 19 23 22 -4.3 Black Bush 10 11 12 9.1 Total Leading Brands 2,539 2,989 3,433 14.9 Total Irish Whiskey 2,640 3,115 3,581 15.0 Source: The Beverage Information & Insights Group Liquor Handbook 2017.
Here we surveyed the parasites of bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and redbreast sunfish (Lepomis auritus) to: (1) inventory and provide a checklist of the parasites found in the Bull and Upatoi Creeks watershed, Muskogee County, Georgia, (2) compare seasonal variation in parasite richness and abundance, within a host species, (3) compare variation in parasite richness and abundance between host species, and (4) calculate indices of parasite biodiversity to potentially serve as an indicator (Marcogliese 2005) and ecological driver in future land-use models.
Crisp white sheets with a dash of cooling blue can be brought to life with a cheery little robin redbreast and red garlands.
And the best fish for this approach at this time, is arguably the pinkie, redbreast bream or Rendalli (Tilapia rendalli) as it is variously known.
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Christmas has always been a confusing time with the babe in the crib and the robin redbreast on the pudding vying for our devotion.
A ROBIN redbreast is an iconic image that adorns many a Christmas card, but this winter don't just leave him on the mantelpiece - invite him and his little friends into your garden.
He snipped my redbreast every two hours for weeks, so
Long Meadow Creek, which runs through Funkhouser's farm, dumps into the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, one spot in the state where mysterious fish kills occur, affecting smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish.
Meanwhile, the budding young birdwatchers are certain of one thing--robin redbreast is announcing that spring is here.