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any of various birds having a red breast, esp the Old World robin (see robin (sense 1))
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(Erithacus rubecida), a bird of the family Turdidae of the order Passeriformes. The body is about 15 cm long. In adults the back is olive-brown, the underpart white, and the crop and breast reddish; the young are speckled. Redbreasts are found throughout Europe and western Asia. At the onset of winter they migrate to North Africa, southeastern Europe, and Southwest Asia, returning to their nesting grounds early. They inhabit moist woods, especially alder and hazelnut thickets along the banks of streams, and dense growths of spruce saplings. They build nests on the ground or in low tree stumps. One or two sets of eggs are hatched during the summer, with each clutch containing four to six eggs. In spring and summer the birds feed on insects and in autumn and winter on seeds and berries.

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* Most of the stream fish were minnows, 24 species in all while blue catfish, largemouth bass longear sunfish, redbreast sunfish and bluegill were also tested.
Christmas cards started to become popular in the mid-18th century, then the postman that deliv-v ered them wore red coats and were nicknamed Robins or Redbreasts. So, robins on Christmas cards originally depicted the postmen rather than the birds themselves.
Every year, the choristers vie with robin redbreasts, Victorian snow scenes and decorated trees to feature on the most Christmas cards.
Bluegills, shellcrackers, stumpknockers, redbreasts and warmouth are also included in this group.
The creek can be canoed for up to 12 miles with likely strikes in the way of redbreasts, bluegill, pickerel, gar, catfish and bass.
Bruce Hill, District Manager of the Florida Forest Service, extolled the pleasures of canoeing and catching redbreast sunfish and bass on beetle spinners.
Redbreasts are found in most of these rivers and readily hit all of these lures.
There are miles of shoreline with steep banks and overhanging vegetation creating perfect habitat for bluegills and redbreasts. Fishing here is well suited for a small boat with a trolling motor or a willing paddler.
Since they love to eat panfish such as redbreasts and bluegills, these happen to be some of the best baits.
Bluegills and redbreasts are just a few of the panfish that can be caught.
Redbreasts often hit small crankbaits that are intended for bass.