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Redcaps were malevolent spirits found in the lowlands of Scotland (now part of the United Kingdom). They haunted abandoned sites, especially places where violent deeds had been committed. Their connection to vampirism seems to have come from their carrying a cap that had been dyed red with human blood. At every opportunity the redcap would re-dye the cap in blood.


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The introduction of the REDCap database and the new workflow created a streamlined and reproducible path from data collection to data analysis (Figure 2).
The Redcap Project, which is located approximately 5km east of the Mungana treatment facility, comprises the Victoria, Queenslander and Morrisons lodes and numerous prospects, including the recently discovered Penzance Copper Lode.
The Redcap Project comprises the Victoria, Queenslander and Morrisons lodes or mineralised structures.
2 Redcap Croft, Holbrooks, two-storey side extension and conservatory to rear.
But the Redcap soldiers - under a mile away - were left trapped.
Husband James is currently starring as the son of a lap dance club owner in ITV's hit sex therapy drama Between the Sheets and has appeared in the drama Redcap.
According to the plan, the service expects to save T&E dollars by consolidating REDCAP and AFEWES equipment at Edwards and moving threat simulators from Eglin AFB, FL, to the Nellis Range Complex at Nellis AFB, NV.
One person who enjoyed the first free drop-in session was 51-year-old City fan John McGowan who walked to the ground from his home in Redcap Croft, Holbrooks.
There are no punches pulled in Redcap (Severn House, pounds 9.
With regard to the REDCAP and AFEWES recommendations, the Air Force has argued that these sites are underutilized and constitute excess capacity.
This version is being directed by Douglas Hodge, of Capital City, Middlemarch and Redcap fame.