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see legislative apportionmentlegislative apportionment,
subdivision of a political body (e.g., a state or province) for the purpose of electing legislative representatives. In the United States, the Constitution requires that Congressional representatives be elected on the basis of population.
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(59.) See Asta, supra note 5, at 261 ("If plaintiffs do not have access to the legislative motivations behind redistricting legislation, proving that intent becomes a near-Herculean feat.").
Politics was not removed from redistricting. The partisan politics of redistricting was merely moved from legislative chambers to judicial chambers.
Redistricting might not be the sexiest topic in Washington, D.C., but Holder and Obama are hoping that by redrawing the boundaries of different voting districts, more Democrats will be elected to Congress.
The political winds were in their favor, but they also had been plotting for years to take full advantage of redistricting.
In the 113th Con gress, legislation has been introduced that would establish certain standards and requirements for congressional redistricting, including identical bills H.R.
Carr (1) profoundly affected redistricting practices.
Several states that recently adopted bipartisan redistricting reform can provide lessons to legislators on how to promote fair procedures, transparency and civility, and avoid costly challenges in the upcoming round of line-drawing.
Kirill Reznik, D-Montgomery, offered his own plan for redistricting reform but said any changes should be based on the ruling in an ongoing case before the U.S.
HJRCA 10 would create the Independent Redistricting Commission, comprised of 11 members, charged with proposing a legislative map.
In announcing the donation, Holder said the money could strengthen Texas Democrats' hand as they enter the next round of redistricting. Shortly before the last period of redistricting, Republicans secured a supermajority that allowed them to have full control over the process.