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see legislative apportionmentlegislative apportionment,
subdivision of a political body (e.g., a state or province) for the purpose of electing legislative representatives. In the United States, the Constitution requires that Congressional representatives be elected on the basis of population.
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There's been a gentlemen's agreement over time by both parties that you only do redistricting in a year ending in one," explains Representative Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat.
The Texas redistricting fight, which featured Democrats fleeing to New Mexico and Oklahoma to prevent the legislature from having a quorum and federal law enforcement officials sent into action by Republican politicians to track down the absentee Donkeys, received by far the most publicity.
On October 13, they managed to pass a redistricting plan that all concerned agreed would likely give the Republicans an additional seven seats in the House of Representatives.
Supporters of redistricting were buoyed by having one of the country's top redistricting attorneys serving both the State of Texas and Republican lobbying groups most active in pushing for the state to implement a new Congressional map.
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In order to ensure a fair redistricting process, it is important that the Commission reflect California's diverse population, and the applicant pool has significant representation from Latinos and other underrepresented population groups.
The legislative leaders' action is particularly important in light of the enactment of the passage of Proposition20, which will transfer responsibility for drawing Congressional district lines to the Redistricting Commission.
NALEO is also greatly concerned about the provisions of Proposition 20 which impose a tighter deadline for the Commission to produce redistricting maps.
Unless there are effective efforts to mitigate the flaws in California's redistricting process, which Proposition 20 makes worse, Latinos will not be able to continue their progress toward full and fair representation in the state, and our democracy will become weaker.