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either of two large common European sandpipers, Tringa totanus or T. erythropus (spotted redshank), having red legs
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(Tringa totanus), a bird of the family Chara-driidae, suborder Limicolae.

The body of the redshank is about 30 cm long. Its weight is about 120 g. The back is brownish with dark markings, the upper tail coverts and abdomen are white, the breast is speckled, and the legs are orange-red. The bird is distributed in Europe and Asia. It winters in Western Europe, southern Asia, and Africa. It nests in tall grass on hillocks located in damp meadows and grassy marshes. There are four eggs in a clutch. The brooding time is 22–24 days. The redshank feeds on insects, small crustaceans, worms, mollusks, and, less frequently, berries and seeds.

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I was strolling around the outskirts of Hartlepool Docks the other day and was delighted to see redshanks all over the place.
There certainly was a time when this landscape fairly rang to the neurotic piping of oystercatchers and that rather gentler piping of redshank. There are still some oyster-catchers making that annual pilgrimage inland but nothing like in the numbers that once spent their summers here.
An estimated 600 wading birds on reserve have seen their nests and breeding attempts destroyed, including almost two-fifths (37%) of England and Wales' lowland snipe, as as redshank, lapwing and rare black-tailed godwits.
The only obvious sound of life maybe the piping call of redshank or distant barking call of a flock of Brent Geese.
The wildlife charity fears lapwing and redshank chicks are struggling to cope with the drought.
Ford, of Redshank Close, Ayton, Washington, admitted two counts of driving whilst disqualified and two of no insurance.
Andrew Blaine, 24, from Redshank Lane, Warrington, has been charged with murder and appeared at Warrington magistrates' court yesterday.
The Redshank This wading bird spends winter around the Mediterranean, returning to the Severn for the summer and is protected as a migratory waterbird.
Wild species of curlew, lapwing and redshank watched in wonder as nine konik ponies were led on to their land at the Portmore Lough nature reserve in Co Armagh.
Species already at risk from their changing habitat include the lapwing and redshank, whose south east wetlands look set to dry out during parched summers, the RSPB said.
Since 1982, snipe, lapwing, curlew and redshank have all shown severe falls in numbers.
-A LESSER Yellow-legs - a North American variety of our Redshank - has been blown across the Atlantic and now looks set to winter in Carmarthenshire.