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To clear a stoppage in a weapon.


(language, mathematics)
A symbolic mathematics language with ALGOL-like syntax, written in Lisp by Anthony Hearn in 1963.

Reduce 2 is a version based on Portable Standard LISP.

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["REDUCE, Software for Algebraic Computation", G. Rayna, Springer 1987].
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This reduces your personal exemption deduction to $5,160 ($8,600 minus $3,440).
Reducing the demand for electricity helps improve New York's air quality, reduces emissions of greenhouse gasses, and decreases the need for additional utility substations.
For example, microbiological control technology allows papermakers to operate a cleaner machine, which can increase the time between clean-ups and boilouts; reduce off-quality paper, to improve process efficiency; and reduces the number of biocides and cleaning chemicals that mills must handle.
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1502-28T(a)(4), to the extent that excluded DOI income is not applied to reduce the tax attributes attributable to the DM or a lower-tier member (by reason of the look-through rule), the excess reduces the group's remaining consolidated tax attributes, including those attributable to members that arose (or treated as arising) in a SRLY, to the extent the member that realizes excluded DOI income is a member of the SRLY subgroup as to such attribute.
It significantly reduces paint usage because it has a 99.
This act would provide $350 million each year for voluntary, community-led, incentive-based partnerships to reduce runoff of agricultural chemicals.
Poorly dispersed materials can reduce ultimate tensile, elongation, tear strength and flex fatigue.
Reduce appraisal burden and improve the climate for real estate by altering existing rules so that institutions taking real estate as "additional" collateral for a business loan that is not to acquire or refinance real estate will not be required to have such property appraised by a certified or licensed appraiser.