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To clear a stoppage in a weapon.


(language, mathematics)
A symbolic mathematics language with ALGOL-like syntax, written in Lisp by Anthony Hearn in 1963.

Reduce 2 is a version based on Portable Standard LISP.

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["REDUCE, Software for Algebraic Computation", G. Rayna, Springer 1987].
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Although the majority of businesses and business people in Northern Ontario agree that GHGs have to be reduced, many are concerned about the Kyoto Protocol Canada entered into to achieve a reduction.
Since the distance between the chain ends increases, the average chain assumes a reduced number of conformations and undergoes a reduction in entropy.
Some of the factors that had earlier weakened the economy continued to weigh on aggregate demand, particularly efforts by businesses and households to bring down debt burdens, the reduced availability of business credit, and the hangover in the commercial real estate sector.
Generally, the future value of full retirement payments begun at 65 will not equal the future value of reduced retirement benefits begun at 62 until many years in the future.
Benefits often include reduced cycle times, less warpage, fewer rejects, and improved surface appearance and gloss.
Among 495 participants not meeting the weight loss goal at year 1, those who achieved the physical activity goal had 44% lower diabetes incidence." (The weight-loss goal in the Diabetes Prevention Program was to reduce weight by 7%.) Thus, the weight loss predictor incorporates the other two predictors, making regular exercise and reduced fat diets vital to the fight against type 2 diabetes.
The DSM program provides project installation services that improve energy efficiency, often resulting in reduced operating costs.
Compressed air was not being consumed and the horsepower was reduced from 125 to 60 HP.
In 1996, this amount was reduced to 10%, and most of produced tires aspect ratios were between 50% and 65% (refs.
Lower costs are achieved through better disk utilization, reduced requirements for tape drives, and centralized management of storage resources.
According to, the association's Web site, the industry has reduced its emissions by 16 per cent since 1990, and energy consumption is down 20 per cent.